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Priest and Sinner by Sierra Simone

Priest and Sinner by Sierra Simone are books 1 and 2 of her Priest series. As the title suggests, one of the characters starts of as a Priest. I found that she managed to write a rather respectful book towards those that are religious (myself included), but it is a taboo topic and if you can't get over that perhaps you should not read it. But if you can, prepare yourself for two amazing books! 

Priest and Sinner by Sierra Simone

Father Bell is still new to the priesthood. After some horrible things that happened to his sister, that ended with her taking away her own life, he decides to dedicate himself to God and show those around him that not all Priests are monsters. 
And Poppy needs someone to talk to. What better way than to turn to God and use confession? 
Things take a turn rather fast. Tyler (Father Bell) loves God and being a Priest, but perhaps he didn't consider how much he would have to give up from his previous life. And Poppy makes sure to remind him. Poppy is a temptation he cannot resist.
I loved them both. They were great characters. Tyler is faithful (albeit a very naughty boy) throughout. Poppy grows as the story progresses, in faith and in personality. 
This is 100% an erotica. What the blurb hints at happens and is told in great detail and more than once.
It is not a story for those easily offended. But it a GREAT story. A story of temptation, of love, of emotional and spiritual growth... but like every human being in the planet, their story has bumps along the road. 
I truly cannot recommend this one enough. Its HOT HOT HOT, a respectful taboo (say what?), and a FABULOUS romance story.

Sean Bell is one of Tyler Bell's brother. Tyler turned to God when his sister was abused, Sean did the exact opposite. He follows the money and he follows the skirt. The people he cares for as his parents, his brothers, and his best friend. That is it. Everyone else is there to be used while he needs something from them.
Zenobia is his best friend's little sister. Someone he has not seen in years. Last time he saw her she was still a kid. 
Their first encounter is at a party, he sees this gorgeous young girl and hits on her hard. She is only 21, he is well over 30. He has to leave and thinks he will never see her again. Than his boss calls him in and tells him some nuns are making a fuss on a building they just purchased. And surprise! The girl from the party is there, not a nun yet but only a few weeks away from saying her vows. And her name? Zenobia. His best friend baby sister.
It could all end there, but than she decides she needs to 'experience' the world before making her vows and what better way to do it than with someone experienced, that loves sex and money too much to ever get attached, and that she knows she can trust with her life?
I am sure you can all guess how this unfolds. 
It is a beautifully told story of one man in a lot of pain that can't let go of the past and a girl that has never been able to make a decision for herself. 
It was much slower than Priest and I wasn't sure about it to start, but once the story picks up it is heartbreakingly beautiful! 

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