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September Wrap-Up - 13 BoOkS

I have managed to read a grand amount of 13 books this month. Much much better than August- Five books! Here is a line or two on each book read!

1- Cole by Tijan
(New Adult Romance) 5/5  stars. Pure perfection! I enjoyed every minute of it. Tijan has most certainly won a place a the top with some of my favorite New Adult writers! This was a great bad boy/mafia romance. Maddison was a great female character, there was a lot of depth to her. And it was wonderful to cross paths with Cole again, he certainly was my favorite secondary character in the Carter Reed series. For the full review please visit: Cole

2- Kian by Tijan
(New Adult Romance) 4/5 stars. Yes, it is official, I am hooked on Tijan's books. This one was just as good as all the others. Kian is freaking adorable! Who does not dream of man who loves you so much he is willing to kill for you? For Full review please visit: kian

3- Plague Land by Alex Scarrow (arc)
(YA- horrow/sci-fi) 3.7/5 stars. What was this?!?!?... humm... ya horror? apocalyptic zombie style story without zombies? This was SO out of my comfort zone. I struggled writing a review (which you can read Plague Land). It is rather hard scoring something so out of what you are used to. I read the book in one sitting, so it was good. But it just wasn't my thing. I think teen boys into zombie-dead-apocalyptic stuff will actually really like it though...

4- Roar by Cora Carmack
(YA- Fantasy) 4/4 I enjoyed Roar. I loved the concept behind the storms, that they are, for better or worse, magical things. The world she created was different than most fantasy worlds in ya and it had my attention from the very begging. I also rather liked Aurora, the main character. She was not your usual heroine. She was weak to start, afraid. She grew into something more. I didn't give 5 stars because I didn't like the main male character.... Go read my full review for more: Roar

5- Beautiful Bastard by Christina Lauren's
(Erotica) 5/5 I laughed and laughed and laughed. The hatred between the main characters felt very real. I was afraid it would come across cheesy but it didn't. If you like a good light hearted (although intense on the steamy scenes) give a Beautiful Bastard a chance. Full review here: Beautiful Bastard

6- Lord of Shadows by Cassandra Clare
(YA- fantasy) 3.5/5 Predictable and full of Drama in one hand... Your usual shadowhunter mastery in the other... I did not love it, but I did like it. There is no much for me to say here really... if you've read any of Cassandra Clare's books you know already roughly how the story will go. Check out the review for my thoughts: LoS

7- Godsgrave by Jay Kristoff
(YA Fantasy and horror) 5/5 Holly S***************************** This book was AmAzInG! So much better than Nevernight!!!! BEST BOOK OF 2017 SO FAR! GO READ!!!!! Full review at: Godsgrave

8- Bombshell by CD Reiss
(New Adult Romance) 1.5/2 This was bad. I needed some light read after Godsdrave so I picked this up hoping for a good light hearted romance. But it was wrong. So very wrong. The plot sounded promising, but it failed to deliver in almost every aspect. The book was about a nanny and her new boss, who only found out he had a kid a week prior after the mother passed away. It sounds interesting enough, problem is, plot was boring and you never knew if she was the kids nanny or his. That was the worse written male in a romance novel I've read in a while. The 1.5 stars are because of the kid's character and not much else. Full review: Bombshell

9- The Problem with Forever by Jennifer L. Armentrout
(Contemporary Romance) 5/5 Such a sweet, realistic, heart warming and heart breaking book all at once. I thought the story was really well written and very much in touch with the reality of many abused children. The romance was slow growing and beautiful. Every part of it perfect. A must read for sure. Full review:

10- Tycoon by Katie Evans
(New Adult Romance) 3/5 It was not a bad book. But it was not a great book either. Very middle of the road. The plot idea was nice, there were many cute and nice moments, specially at the beginning. But eventually it got a little boring and repetitive. Full Review: Tycoon

11- Tower of Down by Sarah J Maas
(YA- Fantasy) 4.8/5 The binning was a tad slow and boring, so I cannot in good conscience give it a 5 star rating. That being said, if you are a Throne of Glass fan you MUST read it. There is much here that is explained about the Valg, at least one revelation that you will not see coming, and even if you don't like Chaol (I never did), you will appreciate him in the end. Full review: ToD

12- Hate to Love You by Tijan
(New Adult Romance) 5/5 As you all know by now, I am a tab obsessed with Tijan's work. This was, in my humble opinion, her best work. Now, have in my mind I am still working through her books, so when I say her best work, it is out of the books I have read only. The story of Shay and Kenz was captivating. He was the football star. loved by everyone. She was the girl that wanted to hide and go unnoticed. Her brothers were popular in high school and she was tired of getting all the negative and positive attention of being related to the popular guys in school. Needless to say things did not go as she planned... Full review: Hate to Love U

13- Truthwitch and Windwitch by Susan Dennard
(YA- Fantasy) truthwitch: 2/3, windwitch: dfn Before I started this I asked for people's opinion on  bookstagram and got a lot of mixed reviews. I understand why now. The book had a terrible start. Slow and dragging and far too much 'info dumping'. It got better later on but not enough to make it great. And sadly, the few things that are good about it are not present at all in the second book, hence a dnf from me. And that my friends says a lot since I almost never dfn a book. Full review at: Truthwitch


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