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Top 10 of 2021!

It is hard to believe we are saying goodbye to 2021 already. Insane! My Top 10 list for this past year consists of 7 romances (unsurprisingly since that is what I read most), 2 young adults, and 1 fiction (historical fiction to be exact). You will find my Top 10 below, but I would also love to see yours. Send me a message on Instagram  with the link to your list so I can have a look (and I will happily share on my Instagram stories too)!  They are in no particular order and the ones with title only are clickable, that will send you to the review. Have fun and happy reading!  I hope you find something to love in this list and that you end up loving it as much as I did.  1 - Raphael by Tillie Cole  (Dark Romance) 2 - Priest by Sierra Simone  (Taboo Romance) 3 - The Vixen and the Vet by Kat Regnery (Modern Fairytale Retelling Romance) Great modern retelling of Beauty and the Beast. Savanah was a struggling journalist and Asher a wounded veteran living in hiding because of his injuries. S

I Hate You More by Lucy Gilmore (Goodreads Author), Alex Knox (Narrator), Emily Pike Stewart (Narrator)

I haven't laughed while reading a romance book this much in a long time! It is no secret that although contemporary romance and/or romcoms are not usually my go to that Lucy Gilmore always hits the spot. Probably because of the addition of puppies :) point is, her romances are always a delight to read. This time the story was not just a great and at times emotional romance, it was also absolutely hilarious!  and very very sexy :)  If I were to recommend you only one contemporary, and from those only one romantic comedy, this would be it.  The Glimpses of My Books Award for best romcom in 2021 goes to:  I Hate You More  by Lucy Gilmore! Ok ok, that award means absolutely nothing and I just made it up, but you get the point right? I loved the book and you must read it. Here is the Blurb for you: Discover what makes Lucy Gilmore an instant fan favorite with this unforgettably funny enemies-to-lovers romcom starring: • a grumpy dog show judge • a determined former beauty queen • and a