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Well Played, Well Matched, and Well Travelled by Jen DeLuca (Well Met Series)

I absolutely love this series by Jen DeLuca but you know... one needs more hours in a day, so it took me a while to finally catch up and finish reading it. My favorite would still be Well Met , now followed by Well Matched . Well Played  is the last one I read. I know... it is horrid I read it out of order, but here we are. Needless to say, I already knew by this point who Dex was, who he was going to end up with, and a little bit about the confusion/lies in this book. It was a very well written story, as are all of Jen Deluca's books. But it was also the least exciting of all 4 books. And not because I already knew what was going to happen but because I didn't personally relate to the characters. They were all wonderful, they just weren't for me. The main relationship is basically catshifing at its best and she forgives him a little too fast. I don't know... good book, still gave a solid 3 1/2 stars, but in comparison with the other 3 books in the series it is lacking