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Crow and Reaper by A. Zavarelli (Boston Underworld #1 and #2)

Crow and Reaper by A. Zavarelli (Boston Underworld #1 and #2)

These books are (to me at least) two VERY different books and the reason you should never give up on an author after just one book. I did not like Crow one tiny bit. But I absolutely loved Reaper. One is a 1 star, while the other is a 4... 

Let's start with the good first, Reaper.

Ronan is likely to break your heart. Throughout the book we get snippets of his past, accounts of everything he had to go through before Crow and his mother find him and save him from the horrible life he was leaving. In a way, although I wasn't a fun of Crow in the first book, his love and care for Ronan had made me like him a little better.

Ronan is not quiet, moody, and broody by choice. It is a consequence of all the things he has been through, the things I mentioned above that will break your heart... He is caring and loving, but he has no idea how to put those things in action. He is, in a way, one of the most tortured and broken anti-heroes I've ever read.

Sasha has not had an easy life either, but needless to say her life is considerably easier than his childhood ever was. Her mother is dying of cancer and she is paying the bills working as a dancer in Crow's club. She is struggling though, it is all too much. An abusive ex, a corrupted man that knows too much, mother dying, pills to stay awake...

Ronan watches on silently. He cares and he protects her the best way he can, by staying away. He is to broken to do anything else. But as Sasha's life spirals out of control he has to do something. And she can't stand watching him watch her anymore, she has to say something... As their broken worlds collide they need to find a way to heal each other enough to be in each other's lives. 

This was a heartbreaking book. 

The chemistry was off the charts, but I wouldn't say it was sexy or hot because so much of it was shadowed by pain and uncertainty. It is an MC romance, but more than that, it is a dark romance. And it is beautifully written! 

Now for Crow. I will just copy and past what I had to say at the time from my goodreads account:

If I were Irish I would likely be embarrassed by the accent representation. I am British and I have been to Ireland a few times. Love the place!! and NO ONE SPEAKS like that!
I think there were at least 2 'ye' in every darn paragraph. I was rolling my eyes uncontrollably.
And that is complaint number one.

Two. Our bad ass hero had everything on the making of a glorious mafia boss. Instead we get one that accepts being cheated on because it was the boss' son. More so, upon being disrespected in front of others by our female protagonist does nothing about it. What happened to being a bad ass?

Three. We begin good. Bad ass heroine with bad ideas enters a ring and kicks ass. Than proceeds to forget about everything because...--> "penis magic".

I love mafia romance. This was not a good representation. 

Find the books at:

Reaper- Inklings Bookshop



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