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Vandalar Concubines 1 to 4 by V. K. Ludwig

I don't read monster romance, I have tried a few and found it is not for me. All the tentacles and slime

and whatnot are not for me at all. But I find that I enjoy alien romance a lot. Especially when the anatomy is not too different.

This series was great. The exact amount of cheesiness and humor I wanted this past week. It reminds me very much of my favorite romance subgenre of all time - paranormal romance with shapeshifters, wolves and bears to be exact. 

The first book in the series is Sign Here for Horns.

Our heroine purchases herself an alien worker to help around the farm just to find out that he is a saikh. A saikh is a male concubine and trained to pleasure females in all ways possible. Their relationship is both funny and sweet. All he wants to do is pleasure her and all she wants (at least to start) is getting her farm working. Their different views on what and how to pleasure surely made for many funny scenes. Although slavery very obviously exists in this series, she purchased him after all, I wouldn't say this book is has what some have been calling 'slavery trop'. She frees him! That is definitely a trope on the next book...

The second book is Never Cuff an Alien. The main premise in this one is that said Alien cannot escape. He has tried many times and Steph, Lilly's best friend (heroine in the first book) and his owner, either shocks him unconscious or gets her robot employee to get him. So this is definitely not going to be for everyone. It is not dark at all, it has a heavy dose of humor, and we slowly find out that Varok doesn't really want to leave. He likes Steph's bossiness, he is very much into rough play. But it comes across differently to start, so beware of that. If you can get passes the beginning of this book you will find that Steph and Varok are very well matched and perfect for each other.

The third book is Turn Left for Stars. Steph starts an agency for saikhs to find humans and vice-versa and her friend Izzy is sent to Vandalar (the alien's planet) to start a branch of the agency there. The agreement is that she will take 3 saikhs for herself. She starts to go to the saikhs classes, thinking she will choose the most promising students when they graduate but things of course, don't go as planned. one student, realising he will fail, asks Izzy to train on her. Now, saikhs trained how to pleasure....... you can guess the rest!

Book 4 is the brother of our hero on book 3 - Swipe Right for a Husband. Odrin goes to earth on a work visa and with the hopes of finding his mate there. He does find her, then bites her... a Vandalar bite is a marriage contract. So our heroine wakes up married to someone she met pretty much the day before, without her knowledge or consent. Odrin does everything in his power to earn her trust, love, and convince her not to divorce him. Although their relationship starts in dubious ways, just like the previous books, they eventually find their way to each other.

These books are funny, cheesy, and sexy. They start a little off, but it all ends well! 

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