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The Seven Year Slip by Ashley Poston (on hiatus after this one for a while)

I just finished listening to The Seven Year Slip and I absolutely loved this book. It is no surprise really, I have been a huge fan of Ashley Poston since her Young Adult days. I reviewed Geekerella all the way back in 2017. Time flies sunnies. In some ways it feels like yesterday, but it has been 6 years already!

A friend of mine from work reviewed this one and I asked her to be a guest reviewer. Since I decided to read this book because of her, I thought that was the best way to get you to also give Ashley Poston a try.

Review by the lovely Lex Webber:

With the middle of July comes longer days, fuller lakes and more time for lounging. For many people, it’s the best time of year as it is also one of the most nostalgic. Remembering good memories from the past while creating more is the perfect representation of summer. Personally, when I’m in the mood for a good book during the hot summer days, I’m always looking for one that embodies that energy. 

The quintessential beach read is one that touches on many of those summer themes we hold dearly to our hearts and most importantly doesn’t let us down too hard. A good beach read doesn’t make you want to go back inside the house to cry, but it can pull at your heartstrings every now and then.

This is exactly what Ashley Poston does with her second adult novel, The Seven Year Slip. The story revolves around Clementine, who works in the publishing industry, and has goals of working her way further up the ladder. After the loss of her world exploring aunt, she has thrown herself into work, ignoring the fact that she might not even want the goals she’s working hard toward. 

Clementine’s world gets thrown for a loop when she walks into the apartment in New York City that her aunt left her, only to find a Chef from the Carolinas who is leasing the apartment for the summer. The stranger insists on calling her Lemon, feeding her dinner and charming her with his southern graces. The catch is that his summer is seven years ago and hers is in the present time. 

The story that unravels is one of romance, dreams, good food and difficult timing. It’s a classic early life crisis romantic comedy with a sprinkling of magical realism. 

For anyone who remembers Poston’s debut adult novel, The Dead Romantics, this novel is in the same vein with its story about love in highly unlikely places. Which, also, is just as fantastic of a beach read as a story between a ghostwriter and her editor who is quite literally a ghost. Both stories hold at their core romance, the search for who we are, who we’re becoming and the bittersweet journey of grief. 

Reading about Lemon and Iwan’s journey told through the meals they shared and art she created for him was beautiful. Even in the times throughout the story where it hurt to keep reading, the writing never lost the kernel of warmth that I found between the pages. 

Even if this book is not the one for you this summer, I’ll leave you with sage advice from Clementine’s Aunt Analea: “If you don’t fit in, fool everyone until you do! Keep your passport renewed and always, always chase the moon!”



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